Namaste from India

Namaste from New Delhi Thank you for keeping up with our UNESCO Fellows 2018 blog. I am excited to share my experience thus far in India with all our readers! With the start of July in New Delhi, the oven-like heat has begun to subside as the monsoon makes its way up the country. New … Continue reading Namaste from India

¡Saludos desde Santiago de Chile!

Greetings from Santiago, Chile! As I end my first month in Santiago, I at last feel a little more settled. My journey to Santiago started with a delayed connecting flight to Miami, which resulted in missing my direct flight to Santiago. I instantly panicked when an airport representative informed me that the next available flight … Continue reading ¡Saludos desde Santiago de Chile!

Salutations de France!

Eiffel Tower. Bir-Hakeim Bridge at Sunset. _____ Tour Eiffel. Pont de Bir-Hakeim au Coucher du Soleil. INTRODUCTION/ DÉBUT: An [American] Nigerian in Paris Bonjour, tout-le-monde... or hello everyone, for non-Francophiles!!! It is with great pleasure and excitement that I pen this blog entry from l'hexagone (aptly named for the nation's 6-point shape). Let me begin … Continue reading Salutations de France!